Bill's Bar

Bill's Bar
5.5 Landsdowne St, Boston, MA
+1 617 421 9678 / +1 617 421 9595

Typical Music:
Rock, varies, local and national acts

Guesstimated show times are:
Tuesday nights, primarily: 9:30pm, 10:30pm, 11:30pm, 12:30am (maybe half hour earlier, call to be sure)

Booking Info:
Barry Hite, Don Law Productions, 36 Bay State Rd, Cambridge, MA 02138, +1 617 547 0620

Capacity: Bill's Bar: 200

Other info about the club (based on ads):
Tickets available at all Ticketmaster outlets.

Personal comments:
Venus de Milo has been renovated and changed its name to Karma. Venus de Milo and Bill's Bar occasionally were connected, in the past, with some good size rock shows. It currently doesn't seem that Karma will be hosting any rock shows.

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