Jeff Kellem's Personal Page

As of July 2010, I'm taking a break. Creating a new life path and lifestyle for myself. My next venture Slanted Hall also has an occasionally updated blog. Right now, we're generally quiet, publicly, but happy to talk about the projects, in person.

Tellme is where I worked from 1999-2010. I helped create the operations team and architect the reliable production infrastructure to make Tellme work as a successful business.

I'm a musician (piano, keys, vocals), dancer, photographer (specializing in live rock bands), writer, poet, Internet consultant, network/system/security architect, and hacker, among other things. "It depends on when you ask me."

I spent 2-3 months during the summer of 1997 driving about 10,000 miles around the country from Boston, MA to the Bay Area, California. I am now living (as of 9 Aug 97) in Mountain View, CA.

I'm a member of the vintage ballroom dance performance troupe Danse Libre. We recreate social dances from the 1840s to 1930s in full costume. I've also been a guest performer with the Boulder/Denver, Colorado vintage dance troupe Watch Your Step!

From 1999-2010, I worked for an awesome company called Tellme Networks. We built voice application networks. Tellme is revolutionizing how people and businesses use the phone. Our vision is Dial Tone 2.0 ™ &ndash instead of pressing keys when you pick up the phone, you have an intelligent discourse using your voice to connect you with the people, businesses, and services you need. We currently automate calls for Toll Free Directory Assistance (1-800-555-1212), Merrill Lynch, the AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular Wireless) #121 VoiceInfo service, E*TRADE, Fandango, FedEx, UPS, Utah's Department of Transportation's 511 travel information line, our own 1-800-555-TELL voice portal, among others (and all of that caliber).

Tellme is literally the best company I've ever worked for. The caliber of people, across the board -- from 20+ year veterans to the kids we hire out of college, from network/systems engineers to marketing to business development -- is extremely high. We just don't compromise on hiring. Check out our list of available positions. And, check out 1-800-555-TELL (#121 on AT&T Wireless) both Powered by Tellme.

I used to work for Digital Equipment Corporation's Cambridge Research Lab. Beyond Dreams is what I do in my spare time. More on that some other day.

I used to spend a significant amount of time in the local Boston, MA, USA Music Scene and kept a list of Upcoming Boston Rock [Music] Shows that I might be interested in.

During 1999, I was playing keyboards with a groovy funk rock band called Zonk based in San Francisco, CA. I played with them until our first CD, To Play Is To Win, was recorded. It was available at As of January 2006, I believe that album is out of print.

And, yes, I'm hoping to play out again sometime in the near future. Currently, I'm trying to spend more time writing and recording new material. I'll definitely have info about any future projects I'm involved with available here. And, maybe someday I'll take time to put together and transfer the very old stuff.

Warning: These pages are under construction and being done with no spare time available. Isn't it always that way?
Jeff Kellem