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Jeff's next venture! Specializing in international scripts and music notation fonts, along with building font design tools, consulting, and teaching. His typeface design business Slanted Hall also has an occasionally updated blog. Check out the 1403 Vintage Mono Pro typeface specimen. The font was inspired by the 1960s era IBM 1403 mainframe line printer.

Jeff Kellem's concert photography.
Tellme Networks Where Jeff worked for 10 2/3 years, helping build an awesome company! :-) Tellme was acquired by Microsoft in May 2007.
Develop your own voice application using VoiceXML via Tellme Studio. It's as easy as writing a web page in HTML. :-) RIP Tellme Studio (free access). 14 June 2000 - 27 May 2011.

And, RIP 1-800-555-TELL (1-800-555-8355) (or #121 VoiceInfo on AT&T Wireless). It was the free service you call to reach the people, businesses, and information you need every day. Movie showtimes and tickets, wakeup calls, news, stock quotes, sports scores, horoscopes, airlines, weather, traffic reports, lottery results, taxis, and more . . .

The Academy of Danse Libre The Academy of Danse Libre is a 501(c)3 nonprofit vintage dance performance troupe. Recreating social dances from the 1840s to the 1930s in full period costume. Jeff performed with them from 2006 through 2015, also designing programs and posters for our theatrical shows. Check out Danse Libre's YouTube channel and become a fan of Danse Libre on Facebook. — Social partner dancing in the Bay Area (and beyond).
Rin Photography — Erin Kellem's Photography. Also, check out the fabulous Woolworth Walk art gallery in Asheville, North Carolina.
Read Daniel Kellem's Technostology blog.
Carl Kellem Carl Kellem's obituary — After a battle with cancer, Carl passed on Sunday, 13 August 2006.
RAPOR Inc. — makers of a cool access control door, created by Carl Kellem. U.S. Patent Number 5,845,692.

ZONK — A groovy, funk rock, turned trip-hop sorta band based in San Francisco that Jeff used to play keyboards with. He played on the To Play Is To Win CD. Here's the band's Facebook page. Also, check out D.E. Levison and Nic McFiendish's music and sound design company Harmony Machine. Bergen Moore, another member of ZONK plays some fun gypsy jazz with The Vignes Rooftop Revival in Los Angeles, California.

blert — A fun, quirky, power-pop, punk band. Some old friends of mine.

Zabava Izvorno — A traditional Macedonian dance music band. Awesome Kaval player, Rich, a good friend of mine, plays with this group.

Fandrich & Sons — awesome pianos! Their uprights play better than any other upright piano, almost like a grand. Here's the journey that led to getting one of their phenomenal upright pianos.

Custom Puzzle Craft — an awesome handcrafted wooden jugsaw puzzle maker. See puzzles he made for Jeff. — a great way to promote your web site and register it with search engines and indexes; lots of good advice and tips.

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