Local Boston Rock Radio Shows

NOTE: This list is probably NOT up-to-date! Hopefully, the link to The Noise's Guide to Local Rock on the Radio will work and provide a more up-to-date list.
Here's a list of Boston, MA area radio shows that concentrate on local Boston rock. This list was based on the list published in the The Noise. You can also see this list organized by day of the week.
WAAF 107.3 FM
Bay State Rock, Sunday, 11pm - 1am, DJ: Carmelita
WBCN 104.1 FM
Boston Emissions, Sunday, 10pm - Midnight, DJ: Albert O and Bill Abbate
WBRS 100.1 FM
Mass Produced, Monday - Thursday, 5pm - 6:30pm, DJ: Daniel Mejia (producer) , Brandeis University
Slice of Boston, Friday, 7pm - 9:30pm, DJ: Jim Alger (producer) , Brandeis University
The Joint, Tuesday - Thursday, 9:30pm - Midnight, DJ: Ofer Inbar (producer) , Brandeis University nightly live acts
The WBRS Coffeehouse, Friday, 3pm - 5pm, DJ: Ofer Inbar (producer) , Brandeis University free live music of all genres in the Winer Wing of the Usdan Student Center
WDJM 91.3 FM
Local Fixation, Tuesday, 11pm - 2am, DJ: Tom Prindle , Framingham
New Music Review, Saturday, 4pm - 8pm, DJ: Vance Donnel , Framingham
WCGY 93.7 FM
Boston Music Showcase, Sunday, 7pm - 10pm, DJ: Harvey Wharfield
Wentworth Radio 89.3 FM
Zymurgy, Tuesday, 5pm - 7pm, DJ: Harold Cooney , Wentworth Institute of Technology
Broadcoasters, Tuesday, 7pm - 9pm, DJ: Tim Datice , Wentworth Institute of Technology
WERS 88.9 FM
Future Tense, Saturday, 6pm - 8pm, DJ: Gil Hova , Emerson College
WFNX 101.7 FM
Boston Rocks, Sunday, 10pm - 1am, DJ: Chad
WHRB 95.3 FM
Ultrasound, Monday, 11pm - Midnight, DJ: Joanna Coolidge , Harvard University
WJUL 91.5 FM
Tom D's Neighborhood, Monday, 8pm - 10pm, DJ: Tom Depres , University of Lowell
Live from the Fallout Shelter, Monday, 10pm - Midnight, DJ: Chris Porter and Tom Depres , University of Lowell live acts
WMBR 88.1 FM
Pipeline!, Tuesday, 8:30pm - 10:30pm, DJ: Bob Dubrow , M.I.T. weekly live electric
WMFO 91.5 FM
On the Town, Wednesday, 9pm - Midnight, DJ: Mikey Dee , Tufts University weekly live acts
Folk & Good Music Show, Saturday, 2pm - 5pm, DJ: Morgan Huke , Tufts University
WMWM 91.7 FM
The Rumbleseat, Wednesday, 9pm - Midnight, DJ: Joe Kelly , Salem State College live acts
WRBB 104.9 FM
Local Music Spotlight, Wednesday, 6pm - 8pm, DJ: Nola Kelley , Northeastern University
WRPS 88.3 FM
Wednesday, 3pm - 5pm, DJ: Alina and Timm , Rockland, MA hardcore and straightedge hardcore music from Boston bands with some non-Boston bands included
WZBC 90.3 FM
Mass. Ave and Beyond, Friday, 4pm - 6pm, DJ: Tracey Stark , Boston College

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