Boston Musicians Organize Feb. 1 - 5 Benefit Series

Safe and Sound: A 5-day Benefit in Response to the Brookline Clinic Violence

30 Artists Include Morphine, Throwing Muses, Letters To Cleo and Kevin Salem

BOSTON, Jan. 16, 1995 -- Following the December attacks on three clinics that provide abortion services, Boston musicians are organizing Safe and Sound: A 5-Day Benefit in Response to the Brookline Clinic Violence, scheduled for February 1-5. Safe and Sound is a series of eight benefit shows involving nearly 30 bands and solo performers, including Morphine, Throwing Muses, Letters To Cleo, Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom, Kevin Salem and Janet LaValley, formerly of Tribe.

Proceeds from the week's events will benefit the Friends of Shannon fund, which was established in memory of Shannon Lowney, who worked at the Planned Parenthood clinic and was one of two women killed on December 30 in the Brookline shootings. Shannon Lowney also was the roommate of Jeff Cawthorne, one of the organizers of Safe and Sound and the drummer in the Boston band Plush, which will perform Saturday, February 4, at The Rathskeller, better known as The Rat.

"Shannon would not have wanted to be remembered as a martyr, but she'd be proud to have inspired us to be more active in this cause," Cawthorne said. Kay Hanley, lead singer for Letters To Cleo and another organizer of Safe and Sound, said, "The bands and clubs I've contacted have been unflinching in their desire to help put this together."

Additional acts will be announced this week.

Safe and Sound Benefit