What's New on the Boston Music Scene Web?

Note that the Upcoming Boston Rock Shows list is updated as I get new show lists (almost all the time), so it probably won't be listed here. In the future, most of this list will be automagically generated.
April 1997
Jeff Kellem (that's me) is moving to California. There's a going away party being held on Tuesday, 29 April 1997, at the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge, MA (near the Kendall Square Cinema). I will not have an address in California for a few months, so show up and sign my mailing list if you can (and want to keep in touch).

March 1997
Added info about Radio Free Allston (106.1 FM), broadcasting in March from 5-9pm Tuesday through Thursday from Herrell's at the corner of Brighton Ave and Harvard Ave.

Added pointer to New England Performer magazine.

Added basic info on O'Briens in Allston, MA.

13 Dec 1996
Moved the Boston Music Scene web pages to http://www.dreams.org/Boston/Music/